Tuesday, July 29, 2014

OOTD ft. Simply Be Ice Cream dress

After years of wearing 'the same old' because it was all I knew, one of the greatest feelings is being able to head to my wardrobe on a morning and choose something to wear because I actually want to wear it. Something that reflects the way I'm feeling or an image I want to put out into the world.

And do you know what says 'THIS IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY" more than any other?! 

The Simply Be/Pocket Rocket Ice Cream dress.

This has been available for a good while now but I am STILL mad about it and it's always my first choice on a sunny morning. The bright fuchsia pink is my absolute favourite colour; it makes me feel confident and the ice cream print is cute without being weirdly childish. 

The idea of a fat girl wearing a dress covered in ice creams always makes me feel a bit smug too.
 Like an 'in joke' but far more obvious.

The shape of the dress is just perfect for me; the sweetheart neckline, the ruching at the bust, the gathered waist and flared skirt. PERFECTION.

I always seem to wear this dress with the same ASOS belt; it's the most glorious neon yellowy green which would be waaaaay too much for me in any larger a dose than it is but as a thin belt, the colour works perfectly and just adds a bit more shape at the waist. 

Seeing as today wasn't a 'lugging around loads of crap' day, I made use of my River Island satchel which I absolutely ADORE.

 It is a bit on the small side for me (I have a huge, but usually empty, purse) and the holographic gold snakeskin effect is fantastically over the top but at the same time it's actually very practical and goes with pretty much everything.

Do you have a 'go to' happy day outfit?!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Victoriana inspired fashion and homewares

At some point in all of our lives we'll all be faced with THAT difficult question. 

Not the one about what you would do if you won the lottery, the other one.....

"If you could go anywhere (anytime?)  in a time machine, where/when would you go?"

 I've always shunned dinosaurs and Jesus for the sake of Queen Victoria, and my fascination with all things Victorian (from style to their slightly bizarre and obsessive approach to death) has been a constant for years. 

An email from ASOS this morning reminded me just how easy it is to find vintage inspired fashion in all sizes, and it set me off in search of some beautiful Victorian inspired clothing, accessories and homeware.

Whilst some may be a fan of the minimalist approach to home decor, I am most definitely not one of them. I LOVE to cover my walls and tables in photo frames like this one from The Works; one of my most favourite things about our new apartment is the deep window sills which have loads of room for frames. 
Having to dust them all is a sacrifice I'm just about willing to make.

I'm a forever fan of cushions and the embroidery on this one is so Victorian in style; such a pretty design but the colours aren't too bright or garish. 

This little bag from an online company called Vivid Handbags is so adorable; the beading and the clasp are absolutely beautiful but it looks solid enough to actually be practical too. 

If you fancy wearing a bit of Victorian inspired fashion without looking like your either in fancy dress or at a really elaborate funeral, there are loads of options. I really like the lace on this dress from ASOS (I really like ANY lace to be fair) and the neckline is different to that on most of my other dresses. 

The same goes for this New Look top; the neckline and black lace is just gorgeous but it'd be so easy to wear. I bought a similar top, but with long sleeves from Depop and wear it to death; it's so comfortable and so easy to just throw on with a pair of skinny jeans but still looks a bit more interesting and fancy than a plain old black t shirt.

The opalesque Accessorise necklace is just one of a million available online and I'm sure you can find others that are equally as gorgeous, and probably a better price, elsewhere. An Instagram account I've become VERY fond of stalking recently belongs to an Irish company called Glitz and Pieces who specialise in the MOST AMAZING fashion jewellery; seriously it's a virtual Aladdin's cave of beautiful things.

Have a look and get ready to fall in lust.  

(I wrote that sentence about 20 minutes after finishing the last one because I lost myself in their site!)

If you could travel to any era in a time machine, where would you go and why?!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

HEY SUMMER, GET LOST (I've got new clothes to wear)

If you could tell me hand on heart, promise to stick a needle in your eye but without crossing your fingers behind your back, all whilst swearing on someone's grave that you're not secretly looking forward to autumn?

I'd still be tempted to think you were lying. 

YES I know we're all supposed to love summer (and what with all the perma-sweat, constant pillow flipping and all the AM I THIN/TONED/TANNED/HAIR FREE ENOUGH FOR A BIKINI?! shenanigans, who wouldn't?) but personally, I'm ready to call it quits. 

I love a clear, bright blue sky and a day at the seaside as much as anyone but there are a few things I love more.

Look Biker Jacket
Look for Simply Be Biker Jacket

Of all the pieces in the Look Magazine for Simply Be collection, it was the two jackets that really snatched my attention as 'the nicest looking things that I'd also be most likely to get my money's worth from'. 
The tweed biker especially grabbed me because I love ANYTHING tweed (it always looks smart) but the pleather details and the cut of this jacket keeps it from being too 'shooting innocent animals in the countryside-chic' which is NEVER cool. I could dress it up (rarely) or down (all the time) and because it's fairly plain in design with no huge floral prints etc, I could easily where it with most of my wardrobe.

 In the weeks following the collection's release, it seemed like everyone and their fashion conscious pussy cat was wearing The Bomber but I've yet to come across anyone wearing The Biker. At nearly 80 quid it was just too expensive for me to buy on release but I bided my time (had to google that one) and managed to buy the jacket from a fellow blogger for a far nicer price. 

Now, I'm impatiently waiting for the heat to 'do one' so I can wear it.

That's not the only thing....

Summer really is cruel.

My slow cooker has been pushed to the back of the cupboard by a stroppy smoothie blender that thinks herself tough cos she can crush ice, snuggly soft blankets have been banished to the hot press and my table lamps are hanging their shades in shame and confusion. 

So yes, I can't wait for autumn.

How about you?!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When auto emails make you feel like a failure

Since arriving embarrassingly late to the smart phone party  I now can't escape the mountains of crap that lands in my inbox. Where I used to log into my email on my laptop, skim over anything new with lightening speed, click on anything important and barely notice the rest, now every damn thing is brought to my attention by that bloody bleep. Day and night, emails arrive and I am forced to acknowledge each and every one of them, if only to remove the notification thing that'll sit stubbornly on my otherwise perfectly curated screen if I don't. 

Anyone recognise that wallpaper image?!

As a result, I've been reminded of the many completely random, and in hindsight often rather ridiculous, endeavours that I've undertaken over the past few years and what's worse is that I've had to face up to the fact that I have failed to really make a go of any of them. The ghost of passions past have returned to haunt me in the form of generic emails, sent automatically because my name is still on some subscription list or other. 

Dr Atkins, this very day, sent me, a vegetarian for 3 years, an 'Ultimate Guide to Steak' and the irritating as shit (and complete quack peddler) juicing man is still recommending me veggie combos and pleading with me not to be scared of cabbage.

Remember when I bought that old sewing machine from the car boot sale and started collecting them? I'm reminded of that every Tuesday night when I receive at least 3 update emails from a German Yahoo forum.
 I still only have that one sewing machine and I don't even use it.

Spot the unused sewing machine. It's pretty at least.

Etsy are kind enough to check in now and again to see how I'm getting on with my online shop. The one that sells sock monkeys and felt animals. The one that doesn't exist because I never did make any sock monkeys or felt animals. 

Furniture upcycling ideas.
Online piano lessons from YouTube channels I haven't watched in months. 
Papercraft gadgets that I might need when I start selling at fairs.
That time I was going to go and help orphans in Africa.

There's only one thing for it. I need to cast off the shackles of the past and UNSUBSCRIBE once and for all.

What's even more depressing is when I'm hit by a flash of inspiration. 

A new craft, a new eating plan, a new exercise regime. A new way of life. 

This one will be THE ONE. It all makes total sense. Genius.